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Coachees are saying...

Allow myself to feel emotions without being too critical on myself. Gained confidence in day-to-day work.

Alexis Oh
Product UX
Designer at

Kate is a thoughtful and sincere coach, who helped me think through complex situations at work, and gently challenged me to consider them from different situations. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated our work together.

Tom Broxton
UX Design Director

Kate has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to shape me to her perspective, Kate has opened up and broadened my thinking. Her constant support has been amazing.

Furquan Ahmad
Product Designer

I now understand so many things about myself. It’s going to be a life-changing opportunity and a chance to get your directions and get yourself on track to your career goal…

Daniel Okpara
Product Designer at

Kate helped to take my instinctive ‘this is huge!’ mindset and break it down into smaller chunks, with plenty of metaphors and analogies to boot...really useful to have someone listen to you as you think through your problems and potential solutions.

Luis Ouriach
Designer Advocate at

Kate has helped me distill what really matters to me in a way which felt natural, our session was positive, thought provoking, and I’ve mentally referred back to it often!

Gemma Lord
Design Director at

Much of my success over this past year is to the work Kate and I have done in her Reality Prototyping program, in groups and 1:1. I’ve been able to quickly step over high, scary walls, reframe my thinking, and discuss what it takes to be an impactful product designer and leader in today’s world.

Chad Rolinski
Senior Product
Design Manager

Kate is a great listener and asks the right questions that will help you define your problem better and give you relevant advice.

Tanya Sinha
Senior Product
Designer at

Kate helped me to better understand what my strengths are and what I should focus on for my future career. This allowed me to build up confidence during the job interview.

Irene Liao
Product designer at

If you are feeling down or stuck on your career path, try reaching out to Kate! She is encouraging and sharp, and can definitely help to regain your confidence and clarity.

Ting Ji
UX Designer at

Has really helped me clarify what my ideal role would be. It took a whole bunch of jumbled up thoughts and turned them into a vision for my future that is much more hopeful  than what I had before.

Thomas Morrell
Product Design
Lead at

Less binary thinking, catastrophizing, more hypothesizing, testing, asking myself what I am noticing, where I feel it, if it is true.

Melanie Martin
Digital Designer

I am feeling that I provide more value than I thought before. I appear with more self-confidence.

Holger Indervoort
User Experience
Designer at
PTV Group

I was feeling like I didn’t really know who to ask about all things ‘remote freelance’…Kate helped tease out some things which I’m now aware I need to think about more deeply. I also now have a good process for thinking about how to prioritize my focus areas over the upcoming period.

Jay Clark
Senior Product
Designer at

Kate has an enchanting way to listen, identify, and bring out designer's talents, alongside defining structures and processes to help designers to succeed.

Mark Jackel
Creative Director

I will definitely encourage anyone to consider talking to Kate. Kate has a unique way of coaching that I admire. She doesn't appear to have all the answers or pose as the expert. She instead guides you to find the answers within you by asking the right questions. These answers are usually more accurate because you tend to be more honest with yourself. I definitely recommend talking to Kate if you currently feel stuck.

Nnadozie Ebere
Co-founder &
Chief Designer

The session was so valuable to me. I have done many matrix exercises before, but never took action on it. But then Kate helped me categorize my thoughts so much better and I loved the portfolio suggestions.

Harshika Jain
Senior Product
Designer at

McKinsey & Company

The first thing I would say to someone who is hesitant to come to a design coaching session is that it's a very friendly, non-confrontational, non-judgmental viewing of your work and to grow as a designer, it's necessary to have other eyes on your work.

Peter Glanting
Product Designer
Beam Dental

Before the design coaching session, I was really feeling huge uncertainty about my capabilities as UX Researcher. Right now I am feeling huge relief because I know what steps I should take to solve my problem and how to make bigger progress in the UX field.

Greta Bartkute
UX/UI Designer at
FX Digital

After the session I felt empowered and relieved, reminded of the fact that we can listen to our own inner voice for comfort and reliance. I very much liked Kate’s framing methods, treating the session like a design challenge!

Michael Stezycki
Snr Product
Tilbury Beauty

Kate is a great listener and made me comfortable talking about the problems. She helped me articulate my thought process, and reframe the problems in a much better way than their previous state… She gave actionable frameworks relevant to the topics I needed help in. It was an insightful half hour!

Pushkar Joshi
Snr Product

After our session, I felt that there is an entire world of possibilities to be explored. Every setback and challenge is an opportunity to expand our skills and knowledge. Do it! Expand your mind.

Claudia Molina
Lead Product
Designer at
Wave HQ

There are only positives things that can come from airing our thoughts with someone as empathetic and understanding as Kate.

Ryan Connaughton
Senior Product
Designer at

Kate has a unique way of coaching that I admire. She doesn't appear to have all the answers or pose as the expert, instead guides you to find the answers within you by asking the right questions. These answers are usually more accurate because you tend to be more honest with yourself.

Nnadozie Ebere
Co-founder &
Chief Designer at

I was confused, feeling like standing in the crossroads between doing something I like and can trust, and something that pays the bills and offers some clear financial benefits... The session felt like a fresh gust of air, providing so much needed clarity, side perspective, as well as useful and practical advice of how to find and achieve a more wholesome and personally rewarding job.

Aida Huget

I feel better and have a better idea of where to focus and learn. I received a lot of knowledge and resources from Kate and I feel empowered to continue on the journey. Do it! It will definitely help you no matter which stage you are in and it’s nice to also have an opinion  from an expert.

Chia-Cheng Lu
UX/UI Designer at

The session really opened my mind to a more intuitive and better approach to Product Design Thinking, and how I, with a visual design skill can view Product design to help my journey into it.

Full Stack

I was feeling anxious about my decision before talking to Kate. Kate helped me process how I was feeling about the next step of my career. If you are considering a session, I would highly recommend it. The fact that you are considering it tells me that Kate will be able to provide you value!

Matt Guzy
Senior UX/UI
Designer at

I was feeling anxious, with many doubts about my career. After the coaching session, I was much happier and confident. It was so effective to better understand my fears, motivations and how to deal with them. Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to have a design coaching session with Kate.

Marcos Arruda
Digital Director

I definitely needed a fresh look on things, on trying something different, but just didn't know what or how. Kate helped me look at the way of approaching clients and job hunting from a view point I've never considered before, so I feel really inspired now. I am going to try the techniques she shared with me and feel hopeful in general because now I have a direction.

Elena Ilyukhina
Brand Designer

I felt very anxious and overwhelmed about my problem... Now I have a lot more clarity on the approach I should use when dealing with my situation. Kate is amazing at challenging your perspective and helping you recognise how to move forward.

Taryn Subramoney
Senior UX Designer

I was feeling frustrated, worried and lost. Wasn’t sure what should I do and what I shouldn’t. I feel I got really good advice to think about and plan for, both quick fixes to bigger fishes to fry. She’s experienced and well aware of the design industry, rest assured that you’re going to enjoy your coaching session with Kate.

Mohammad Sayyar
Senior Product
Designer at
Gravity Sketch

Having a half-hour conversation with Kate was more beneficial than many TED talks and Youtube workshops combined for me personally. Kate truly is patient in understanding what your questions are, and tries to answer them in a way that you feel familiar with…”

Aravinth Roshan
Product Manager,

I needed to find a way to make my work quicker. I learnt that there is no way around it. I will have to do it the same way but prioritize somehow. I enjoyed talking with Kate, got different perspectives on my problem. It is always great to talk to someone with years of experience and learn from them, from their mistakes!

Shahane Bakunts
Junior UX/UI
designer at

Tidepool Labs

Please do not think twice!!! Kate is a great professional. In a very short time, with the right questions, she can help you move forward in your career, providing you with valuable advice and tools!

Anna Visentin
Senior product
designer at

Before the session I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and uncertain. After a session with Kate I felt assured, focused, and hopeful. Having a coaching session is like jumping into the pool - you know why you are even considering it, but fear is holding you back with all of its negativity.

David Chiang
Product designer at

I was not sure the difference between design coaching and design mentorship, but Kate explained the difference very clearly at the beginning and how she wears the two hats.
I found the session to be extremely helpful because she wears two hats.

Jane Castellani-Kim
Product designer at
AE Studio

I was feeling quite overwhelmed and like I’d bitten off more than I could chew work-wise. I feel reassured that I can be successful in my new role, and I also have some practical steps to take that will make me feel a lot more in control. Even 30 mins you’d be amazed by how much better you can come to feel.

Hannah Gillott
Product designer
AE Studio

A key takeaway for me was the advice by Kate that we already know the answer and she helps us identify them. This has encouraged me to look deeper into my problems and critically analyze the bottle necks in my career. Although its is difficult to do it by myself. I was excited to work on the direction that was concluded in the session.

Riya Patel
Product designer at
AE Studio